Trust But Verify
Reagan, Russia and me
a personal memoir by Suzanne Massie
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from the Author of Land of the Firebird
“She is the greatest student I know of the Russian people.”
– Ronald Reagan diary, May 20, 1986
For the first time, Suzanne Massie, the “woman who ended the Cold War,” shares the inside story of her interactions with Ronald Reagan that led to the transformation of America’s relationship with its most dangerous adversary.

Reagan turned to Massie for her advice and carried her suggestions — including the now famous Russian proverb — “trust but verify” — into his meetings with the new Russian leader.

With fast-paced writing, an eye for detail, and a sense of humor, this gripping, inspiring memoir tells the story of how one person’s passion and insight against all odds and expectations, can help change the course of history.

“In this fascinating book, Suzanne Massie tells of her close relationship as a key adviser on Russian culture to President Reagan, at a most critical time. As she admits, it was strange and totally unexpected – but no more so than the end of the Cold War it helped bring about.

I read this book in two days as I simply couldn’t put it down. I recommend it highly.”

Ambassador Kenneth Adelman
Arms Control Director under President Reagan

Suzanne Massie, author, lecturer, consultant, is recognized in both the US and Russia as a leading authority about the Russian people and their culture. Four of her five best-selling books address Russia’s cultural history and are used in both countries. Daughter of a Swiss diplomat, born in New York, she graduated from Vassar and has lived in Maine since 1992.

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