What People Have Been Saying

“In this fascinating book, Suzanne Massie tells of her close relationship as a key adviser on Russian culture to President Reagan, at a most critical time. As she admits, it was strange and totally unexpected – but no more so than the end of the Cold War it helped bring about.

I read this book in two days as I simply couldn’t put it down. I recommend it highly.”

Ambassador Kenneth Adelman
Arms Control Director under President Reagan

“Suzanne Massie’s new book is insightful and downright fascinating. Her story provides a unique insight into one of the most important periods in recent American history – and she was on the spot, not just as a witness but as an important participant. Great story, great book.”

Senator Angus King

“The chapter on the power of religion and the Orthodox faith in Russia are great, all very great, all very true. Your great achievement was in convincing President Reagan of this fact and that the much-suffering Russian people and the Soviet government were two totally different entities.”

Metropolitan Hilarion
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, New York

“Following the adventures of Suzanne Massie through the corridors of Washington is reminiscent of the scriptural passage from Matthew 10:16 that reads: ‘Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.’

As Russia and the United States approach the brink of a nuclear war, coincidences dramatically open doors for Suzanne and, albeit with no personal political credentials, she finds herself in a fascinating series of intimate meetings with a cautious President, his protective wife, and an often reluctant and mean-spirited administration.

The detailed descriptions of these events and her intense encounters with the CIA, the KGB, and the powerful leaders of both countries show just how wildly the pendulum of global unrest was swinging during the era of the Cold War. And how, at this pivotal time, a woman of peace, guided by her faith and personal conviction, was able to reveal to the President of the United States the vital difference between the Russian people she had grown to love and their cold, uncaring and ideologic Soviet governmental counterparts.

Her dedication is inspiring, the stakes are life-threatening, and the results world-changing. One of the rare non-fiction, non-stop page turners!”

Noel Paul Stookey
(Peter, Paul, and Mary)

“Suzanne Massie can rightfully claim a unique place in 20th Century Cold War history. As a passionate friend of the Russian people, she came to play the roles of informal message bearer, convivial instructor as well as ardent advocate. In doing so, she bolstered not only the goals of President Reagan but those of peace-loving people everywhere. Hers is an inspiring story of how – even in this chaotic world – a single citizen can indeed advance the greater good.”

John Edward Hilboldt
Director, Lectures & Seminars
The Heritage Foundation
Washington, DC

“What a romp! I devoured your book, Trust but Verify…What a gift you have for storytelling and making history…You are simply brilliant.”

Lynn Hinkle
Founder & President
Women of the World, Inc.

“Many who make history get around to writing it after the fact, often via a ghost. Suzanne wrote it, and then made it then wrote again. Mrs. Massie did as much as anyone to end the Cold War.”

Richard Morchoe
Editor and publisher of the Sturbridge Times
West Brooksville, Massachusetts

“Trust but Verify is a good read. It mixes the drama and intrigue of a Cold War spy thriller – in sections where Massie describes the constant intimidation that Westerners experienced during the rare times they were allowed into the Soviet Union – with insightful glimpses into Reagan’s foreign policy inner circle…Massie writes about people, not doctrines, which makes Truth but Verify both an important inside look at how the Cold War ended and an engaging personal narrative.”

Robert Long
Bangor Daily News

“What is most powerful about this book is Massie’s capacity for insight into the humanity of those she dealt on both the US and Soviet side. Massie’s story is one that inspires courage and faith, especially for a young woman with big dreams.”

Leandra Bernstein
Washington, DC

“Suzanne Massie does a wonderful job in her memoirs of showing how knowledge of the people and culture of Russia can be so valuable. I learned more about Russia and I learned a lot more about Ronald Reagan from reading this book.”

Oksana Freeman
Greer, South Carolina

“A very well-written and engaging look at a very important piece of history. A down-to-earth story of a woman caught u in some of the most important events that shape the way that we see the Russian people and the way that they see us. A must-read for anyone interested in the cold War era and also applicable to students of today’s world events.”

Mike Alteri
Franklin, Maine

“I devoured this book in a day and a half! A completely new take by an actual “behind-the-scenes” individual during one of the most important periods in recent history which ultimately lead to the downfall of the Soviet Union. The author is not an ivory-tower academic, but rather someone who was on the front lines, during a very dynamic time. I wonder what the world would be like now if this initiative of Reagan’s had come to full fruition. A must-read book.”

Tom Tootill
Sargentville, Maine

“For anyone interested in the Cold War and President Reagan’s role in it, this is a “must-read” book not to mention how Ms. Massie views the State Department and Reagan’s National Security advisors…Ms. Massie…has done an extraordinary amount of research both here and in Russia itself…A page-turner, a really great read!”

Janet Kellock
Mystic, CT

“It seems to me that the key strength you brought to the nearly impossible challenge you faced was your empathy, which drove you to understand and connect with people who would never otherwise have given you their trust.”

Brad Bellows
Cambridge, Massachusetts

“You are indeed the real deal. I was charmed by your ingénue demeanor sheathing a double-edged sword. Totally brilliant.”

Lawrence Newman, Ph.D.
Harvard, ‘67
Prospect Harbor, ME

“It is very easy to step into the scenes and imagine you interacting with the various personalities…There is only gratitude for all that you accomplished in improving Soviet and American relations – a significant achievement.”

Betty Staley
Fair Oaks, CA